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New For July

So I’ve somewhat neglected my Redangels blog, and I’m trying to remedy that now!  Redangels is participating in SEVEN hunts for the month of July!  Some will be ending July 15th, some are just starting, and others will be starting July 15th.  Some are freebies, some are dollarbies.  Come and grab them while you can!  Here’s a preview of some of the hunt gifts!

Tea House Art for the It’s Your Cuppa! Hunt running from June 15th – July 15th

Dark and Faded Tattoo for the Femboy Hunt running from July 1st – July 15th

Male and Female Shapes for the SL Freebie Hunters Birthday Bash Hunt running from July 15th – July 31st

Gothic Angel Tattoo for The Dark Birthday Hunt running from July 10th – August 10th

Cyber Makeup for Her & Tattoo for Him for the Punk Your World Hunt running from July 16th – August 15th

We also have a free home for the Murder Mystery Hunt running July 1st – July 31st, and his & hers t-shirts for the Sinister Steampunk Hunt 2 running from July 1st – July 31st

That should do it for the July hunts!  We have two new items for sale in the store:

“Dark Forest”, our newest fantasy orb, cost is L$120. We have this orb on display at the store.

New Tattoo for both male and female. Cost is L$100

And last, but certainly not least, I have opened up a separate store specifically for clothing!!  That’s right, I’m now making clothing.  Right now all we have are items for women, but I will be working on men’s stuff soon.  The shop is located right next to Redangels as well as on marketplace.  Check out the marketplace link to see the items available! https://marketplace.secondlife.com/stores/117869

Well folks that should do it for August!!  Hope to see you all very soon!!

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Let the Hunting Begin

As anyone who knows me knows, I LOVE hunts!  I love to hunt and to participate in hunts.  So I’ve decided to take it to the next step and become a hunt organizer; Red Angel Hunts.  So far I love this too..

The first hunt event is called It’s Your Cuppa Hunt.  This hunt is based on our favorite coffee houses/tea rooms and what we love about them.  (i.e. art, music, ambiance, eats, drinks, people, style, etc).  I got an amazing response from stores for this hunt.  These creators have come up with some amazing and fun items that I hope all hunters will enjoy!  The It’s Your Cuppa Hunt will run from June 15 – July 15.

The second hunt will follow shortly after.  The Punk Your World Hunt is reaching to everybody’s inner punk.  Any and all punk styles are encouraged.  I really want the designers to let their creative juices flow on this one.  This hunt will run from July 16 – August 15.

If you would like to get your hands on any of these amazing items from these hunts, follow the blogs!  They will have all the information you need!  Please follow the links shown on the right side of this screen.



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Finally, new stuffs!

Hello!  So I’ve finally been busy making some new items for my store… tattoos!!  I’m quite pleased with them.  Hope you guys are too!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

All tats come in tattoo layers only and are transfer only.  For one week I’m having a 25L promotional sale on my tats!!  And fellas, the koi and dragon tats are made for you too… sorry for lack of picture!  Coming soon

Here are some items currently available through hunts happening now!

This is a crawling bugs necklace, bracelet and earring set for the Face Your Phobia Hunt.

This is a sweet little table for two for the Poppin Penguin Hunt – May Flowers

This is framed wall art for the Abstract Artist Hunt

And I do believe that should about cover it for what’s new at Redangels!  Check back next month to check out new hunt items!

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New Things for May

Hello dear friends, as many of you know, my RL has been quite a stinker and SL has unfortunately suffered for it!  And I do apologize.  I have not had much time to create a whole lot, but I do have some hunts going on at my store as well as a few items from past hunts up for sale at an always very low price, so please come check it out!

I will be working on some dollarbies and freebies for my loyal customers, as well as a new free gift for group members only!!  I’m hoping to add some new items such as accessories, sky orbs, and maybe… mayyybbeeee… clothing.  If I can get the knack that is.  Time is just not on my side.  So please keep your eyes open!


Love n Hugs :))

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My very late February Post! New sky box and lots of Hunt Stuffs!

Hello folks.  I planned on updating this BEFORE February started, but alas, better late than never I suppose!  First things first…

I have one new item in my store for the month of February.  A lovely Valentine’s Day themed sky box!  Do come check it out ☺

Magical Romance Sky Box

And now onto the February Freebies!  aka hunt items.  Those of you not into hunts can still stop by the store and pick up these freebies.  Some are 0 linden, others are 1 linden.  So let’s begin:

Shattered Heart Hunt – February 1st – 29th

Love & Hate Wrist Cuffs

Poppin Penguin Goofy Love Hunt – February 1st – 17th

Lil Heartbreaker Shoulder Buddy

Smile For Me Hunt – February 1st – 25th

Photo Frames & Text

FebruaLicious Hunt – February 1st – 29th

Amethyst Jewelry Set


The Penitent Hunt – February 22nd – April 2nd

Rosary Necklace

The Book Worm Hunt is still going on as well.  That hunt will end February 15th, so if you haven’t grabbed this dollarbie sky box, then come do so!!

I do believe that covers it.  Let’s hope March’s post will begin on time!!

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New Stuffs! ♥

I have new items that are out and in the store as I write this!  I’ve also made a whole slew of goodies for February and March hunts, but I shall post those at the end of this month.  First things first; I have made four sky orbs.  They kinda rock.  I found some amazing textures that give these living/play places a bit of a fantasy flare.  I am selling them for 169L’s.  I am only able to fit one of them for viewing pleasure at my store, so come on by and check it!


Space/Universe Fantasy Orb


Sci-Fi City

Sci-Fi City Fantasy Orb



Forest Fantasy Orb


And last, but certainly not least, my personal fave

Airships to Budapest

Airships to Budapest Fantasy Orb


I recently added a gatcha machine at my shop and have some cute little shoulder buddies for 10L each.  I will share a pic of one of them, the rest you’ll just have to get your butts down to my shop to see!!  We’ve got Sad Buddy, Goofy Buddy, Purty Buddy, and Dying Buddy

"Dying Buddy" Shoulder Buddy


And speaking of shoulder buddies, my hubby had an excellent idea when he saw me making these, asked to borrow one, and so very sweetly made his own Gina shoulder buddy which in turn gave him the idea to offer these custom made to couples, friends, family, etc!  This way your loved one has your back at all times!!  He’s charging 120L per buddy.  For more info, come on by the store and grab a NC.  The sign for them is right out front by the entrance, and they are called LoveBuds.  And if you are just too lazy to come by the store, fret not!  Shoot him and IM and he will happily answer any question you have… him being Stephan Yates of course :)


LoveBuds by Stephan Yates


Currently working on a couple more sky boxes, one specifically will be for February and have a Valentine’s theme.  I will post those pics as soon as I can!  Stay posted!

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Welcome to my first post!


So this is my first post on my first blog!  I will be posting updates on new items for my store, Redangels.  Currently I am involved in five, yes FIVE, hunts for the month of January.  So if you are interested in coming by and picking up some freebies, January is the month to do so!  Here are the hunts and their run dates as well as a picture of the gift:

Apocalyptic New Years Hunt: January 1st – January 31st

World on Fire - Wall Art

Cabin Fever Hunt: January 1st – January 31st (hunt items are 1L)

Ski Resort Cabin

Poppin’ Penguin Hunt: January 1st – February 1st

New Year's Resolution Mouthie Plaque - Comes with free personalized resolution!

Love is Pure White Hunt: January 5th – January 31st

Face Plugs w/ texture change script

Book Worm Hunt: January 15th – February 15th

Reading Sanctuary Above the Clouds

I will also be working on new homes and sky boxes for January, so keep an eye out for those!


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